Our mission at GEMS is two-fold


First, we desire to plant churches and train national pastors to do the same. Second, we desire to get as many missionaries to those countries where God is already using our missionaries. It is our desire that through the training of the national pastors, GEMS will one day be a global church planting ministry.

GEMS has founding principles that prove the heart beat of this ministry...

  1. To love the Lord with all our heart, soul and might, and to serve Him with total allegiance.
  2. To serve God by being set apart at personal cost.
  3. To give up to God our own goals and ambitions for the cause of Christ.
  4. To be servants and ministers to God and His people.
  5. To accept God’s arrangement of our lives and circumstances without question or complaining.
  6. To joyfully comply with our Saviour’s commands no matter how difficult or absurd they may seem to us.
  7. To step out in fearless faith to do whatever God asks us to do.
  8. PRAYER - In our modern efforts to win the world to Christ we have left out the most important aspect, “Christ”. We have a form of godliness but deny God’s power because we are so busy working for God, we don’t spend the time with Him that is necessary for Him to do a work through us. I believe this should not be. I believe that we have too many people to reach and too much work to do to not spend much time with the One who can and must help us. The old missionaries saw God move in miraculous ways and we want to follow their example of prayer and walking with God that they set forth. We will focus on God and let Him do the work that others may say is impossible.
  9. FAITH - With the modern business mentality that seems to be overtaking our churches, I believe too much of what we do is done without faith. We want to see where we are going to land before we step out by faith. However, this is not the example that we have of great men in the Bible and likewise, Scripture tells us in Hebrews 11:6a, “without faith, it is impossible to please God”. When things are done in faith, it is God who gets the credit and the glory (without faith man gets the credit). How can God be pleased if He doesn’t get the glory? We choose to focus on God and not man. The motto of GEMS is, “BY FAITH”.
  10. FAMILY - In our ministry the old fashioned family unit will be a priority. Our children will not be looked at as a hindrance to our ministry, but rather a part of our ministry. I have observed far too many children brushed aside for the sake of “reaching the world”, when they are the future of “reaching the world”. My children are my most precious disciples.  I have them for approximately eighteen years.  Should I bypass those eighteen years trying to disciple others who may or may not duplicate my beliefs, and risk losing my children who, trained properly, are almost guaranteed to duplicate what they have been taught? No, our children are and will be the main trainees of and most active participants in reaching others for Christ. We want to be in the ministry with our children walking beside us, not dragging them along behind us, or worse still, completely leaving them behind.